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Can someone please help?


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I have been using ccleaner for a few years now and have always found it to be a great device when i first started using it i had around 50 issues to be fixed which it did more recently only have had a few issues every now and then so when i went to run it yesterday and found 19 i was a little shocked so went to fix the issues came back to check next day e.g today and still 19 so run again said fixed them but when i ran again still 19? so i checked tosee if i have the latest updated version which it saidi have then tried to fix them individually but still sais 19? i have never had a problem before so iam very confused. i must just say my comp seems to be working fine even though i cant get rid of these probs. thanks to all that can help.best wishes.ryan

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It sounds like 1 of 2 things to me.


Either 1. You aren't logged on as the administrator, or 2. You need to repair your permissions.


You didn't tell me anything about your operating system so download and launch DAF the full build.


> click Tools

> click Repair Permissions

> click GO

> reboot (because your computer will be happy)


Light build, which is just Dial-a-fix, and can just do services tweaks and DLL registrations. People who have XP Pro can use Repair Permissions. People who have XP Home must get Medium.


Medium, which is Dial-a-fix plus the secedit package; this allows people who have XP Home to use Repair Permissions.



Let us know if that works :D




@DjLizard - Please don't be upset if you want him to download another build.

Windows Pro Media 8.1 x64  |  8GB Ram  |  500G HDD 7200 RPM  |  All  that I know about my graphics is that it's Intel  :)

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