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How does ccleaner extracts metro app details from the machine.?


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Hi. I know one is not supposed to ask question on how a software works internally. But, I am so fed up as my studies on retrieving metro app details are in vain. All I could get is some unpolished and misguided data(Name of the metro app is not in proper format, not getting the installed date)  of the metro apps. And then, I noticed that Ccleaner shows the metro app details so precisely. I am requesting someone from Ccleaner(of anyone who knows how they do it)to please guide me on where and what to look upon regarding this as asking for implementation is not  ethical. 

Thanks in advance.

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Maybe more clear. what details do you mean, are you just talking about ccleaner's ability to detect metro apps or is the a certain section of ccleaner that you mean.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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