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Scam artists flocking to MySpace


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Employees who access their MySpace.com accounts from work are not just lowering their productivity, but may visit fake MySpace sites that could capture keystrokes, including corporate network passwords and other sensitive information. MySpace has 63 million users. One expert suggests that the most serious threat comes from the fact that many people use the same login information for their MySpace.com page for several other accounts, including banking and access to their employer's network.




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Not onyl scam artists flock to MySpace, retards do too.



I found that especially funny cause I have some friends who get off on the whole MySpace trip.



Thanks for the info, chiawaikian. I always find your articles interesting and helpful. :)

Save a tree, eat a beaver.

Save a tree, wipe with an owl.


Every time a bell rings, a thread gets hijacked!

ding, ding!


Give Andavari lots of money and maybe even consider getting K a DVD-RW drive.


If it's not Scottish, IT'S CRAP!!!

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