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GPU showing incorrect values in Speccy

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Just built a Corsair Bulldog setup last week. Never used Speccy before, but was always a fan of ccleaner and wanted to check it out. Meant to write this a couple days ago, but...Halloween


Gigabyte Z170-Wifi mITX

SF 600 Corsair PSU

Intel I7-6700k

1070 MSI Seahawk

16GB Corsair Vengeance

Kingston HyperX M.2 SSD 240GB

Corsair Force LE SSD 960GB


Apparently my 1070 MSI Seahawk is getting 645v of power and has 4gb ram (it's an 8gb card). GPU's these days are so nuts that most people that own a gaming GPU are probably using Afterburner or something like that anyway for their GPU info so not really a big deal imo. Now when I run Speccy the GPU VRAM and Physical memory are missing entirely.


Other (minor) stuff: Summary page displays unknown ram and reports 4 memory slots for the moboard (only have 2). If you dig deeper into the ram section and click on slot1/slot2 it does recognize it as a Corsair along with the model# so this is good enough for me.


Other than that everything appears to be on point. I like how it displays part #'s for hardware and the simple/clean look makes it easy to navigate and read info quickly.

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Been this way for a while. I've had the Seahawk X 1080 since August, and it's only showing up as 4GB of VRAM. And the mobo RAM says "16.0GB Dual-Channel Unknown @ 1070MHz (15-15-15-36)". The speeds are right, but it doesn't recognize the manufacturer as Corsair, or the memory type as DDR4.

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With so many different motherboard configurations out there, it's no wonder that the folks at Piriform have difficulty keeping track of things!  The power specs for my Dell XPS 8300 motherboard have never been totally accurate...at least I hope not!!


 Manufacturer Dell Inc.
 Model 0Y2MRG (CPU 1)
 Version A00
 Chipset Vendor Intel
 Chipset Model Sandy Bridge
 Chipset Revision 09
 Southbridge Vendor Intel
 Southbridge Model H67
 Southbridge Revision B3
 System Temperature 25 °C
   Brand Dell Inc.
   Version A06
   Date 10/17/2011
   CPU CORE 0.876 V
   +3.3V   2.820 V
   +5V      2.802 V
   +12V  11.136 V
   -12V    -8.880 V
   -5V      -8.880 V
   +5V HIGH THRESHOLD  2.762 V
   CMOS BATTERY  1.512 V

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