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Did a Cleaner and Check issues then got white screens

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On 3/19/06, I downloaded 1.26.218 as a new user of CCleaner.


On 3/25/06 I updated to 1.28.277.


I have done Cleaner and Fix issues. Then when I clicked on OE, all message bodys are blank white pages, (all that shows is: From, Date, To, Subject, Attachment), with a blank white page for the body. When I attempted to open IE, all I get is the toolbar on the top, with the list of my favorites along the left border and the body was a white blank page, same as the body of the messages in OE. So, IE and OE were not working, making my computer virtually worthless.


I had to use Dell's Help Desk, (for pay), to do a "Hive Restore" two times to restore my computer to a previous restore point. This was due to if I attempted to go to Start > All programs > Accessories > System tools > System restore... all that would come up was a blank white windows page instead of getting the option to restore to a previous point, (similar to my attempts to go to IE or OE). So we had to go into DOS? to do the "Hive restore" twice, (took forever), to restore to an earlier point.


As far as I am concerned, CCleaner can take a hike. Maybe if I just stuck with the cleaner it would be ok. But it would be a cold day in Hell if I try to fix issues in the registry!! :angry:


Sorry, but in my case, CCleaner will probably end up in the uninstall bin.


That would be my final question, will CCleaner uninstall via the control panel, add or remove programs, cleanly without any remnants? I really do not want any more problems. Fixing computer problems is very frustrating.




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Did you actually do what I suggested in the other thread? : http://forum.ccleaner.com/index.php?s=&sho...indpost&p=34650


First issue is that there was a problem in your registry, the second issue is that CCleaner removed the error, and a third issue exists if you haven't been making backups of the 'Issues' removals.


Please download Dial-a-fix:

http://DjLizard.net/daf58.exe (note to everyone else: I am not authorizing anyone to link to this version)

...and checkmark everything in box #5 and hit GO, if you hadn't already tried that.


You are the only one who has had this issue, and CCleaner is doing its job in removing InProcServer errors. I use CCleaner's issues scan on every machine that comes in here and I have not yet been able to reproduce this issue. If you do not like CCleaner anymore, that is fine, but do understand that CCleaner has correctly targeted a problem in your registry. If you haven't made any backups of the issues you've been removing, then...


At any rate, the good thing about your issue is that it is a software issue, which means that it can be fixed.

Click here if CCleaner Issues are re-appearing



DjLizard.net wiki


Dial-a-fix tips

DjLizard.net software support forum


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