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CCleaner skipping Internet Explorer files

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This started today; discovered minutes ago.  Run the Cleaner --->  Internet Explorer Temporary Internet Files, History and Cookies being reported as having been "Skipped."


Run the Cleaner's "Analyze" and it reports that there are files (sometimes "Cookies" is being skipped here also).  Run the Cleaner again -- files still being skipped.


All three of these items ARE checked on the left side of the Cleaner window.  Does anyone know why CCleaner is skipping cleaning these three files?  How do I get my CCleaner to clean normally again?


I am using the current version, updated a few days ago:  CCleaner Professional 5.23.5808 (64-bit)  on a PC with Windows 7, and Internet Explorer 11.




PS ...been searching the internet....


OK - I unchecked the active monitoring --> "no go"  -- same problem

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The solution is in the last post of this Piriform Community Support thread:



However, when I looked at these two items, each/both were correctly checked/unchecked, respectively.  Just for the heck of it (being both curious and desperate) I unchecked the "Hide Protected Internet Files" and then re-checked it again, leaving it checked as directed in the thread by Denise.  I then checked the "Show hidden files and folders" box, ignored the warning pop-up window that arose after checking that box, and then clicked on the box again to remove the check (box empty), again, as directed by Denise.  I then backed out of Windows Explorer, restarted my PC just to be thorough, ran CCleaner, and now it's working as it had been and should be  -- Internet related files now being deleted.  I suspect some Windows 7 update made those settings "shaky" for some reason; the two items were already set correctly, but somehow not recognized or rendered effective after the Windows update.  Stuff happens, sometimes strangely.  I'm glad I stumbled across the fix.


Sum:  What I did was simply "refresh" those two Win7 settings already correctly set.

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Well, that works for about 2 cleanings.  It is a great PITA to open Win Explorer and go through this each time I want to clean.  So I deleted it (and other Pro programs) and re-installed from the Backup CD I bought along with the Pro array of programs.  The installed CCleaner version is different than the last update.  Now installed:  v. 5.12.5431


I've run it three times and all is good, so far.  Time will tell.  I will try not to update this installed version.

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Skipping has only started since I upgraded.to 5.34.6207.


Tried all the suggestions on the forum, removed all other user activities, no result.


Very annoying bug.


Can someone please fix ASAP.


Thank you.

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