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Recover from old mobilephone

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Hi Terje, and welcome to the forum.


You don't mention the reason you need to recover your photos such as the phone is malfunctioning, or the photos were deleted, or whatever the reason, so I'll give you the easiest answer and assume your phone is working.


Your computer may see the phone, but if it hasn't been given a drive letter it won't be seen by Recuva, or most other software.


A quick research tells me that phone has a setting to enable it to be used as a "mass storage device". Provided you can access the phones settings and select that feature, then it should be given a drive letter which will enable Recuva to see it and scan it.


Hope that helps.


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Nowadays, along with the more and more powerful mobile phones, people tend to spend more time with smart mobile phones for entertainment, such as enjoy movies and music, take photos or make video records, reading books or even handle documents work. However, to work on mobile devices is not as convenient as on computers, and it's much easier to make mistakes as deleting files by careless operations. So remember to make backups regularly for those vital files.

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