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Find Out If One of Your Devices Helped Break the Internet

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The attack is a reckoning of sorts for companies selling hordes of poorly-secured IoT products. But it should also be a major wake-up call to the thousands of people putting internet-connected fridges, light bulbs, thermostats, and other appliances in their homes.

In other words: If you’ve bought into the Internet of Things, now is the time to make sure your “smart” device isn’t being hijacked by hackers to take down the internet.



Find out if one of your home devices was involved in the big internet takedown last week.


See here for the test




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For both win xp with Outpost firewall and win 7 with windows firewall the scanner says:

"Your network is reachable through port 7547"  and  "you should check which device is using this port ..."

I know it isn't the toaster.  :P


How can I find out what device is using it? 

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Does my connected toilet count?.
:o Does it also say "Domo Arigato" after use too?
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Haven't yet, Hazelnut.  Still checking.  Slow but steady. 


Andavari, fwiw, firefox 49.01 completely froze on my xp system without any outside assistance. 

It was the portable, running sandboxed.

Last version to work really well was 48.02.  Have not tried 49.02.

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How's it going login123?


Have you managed to sort that open port out?


Thanks for checking back.  :)  It's almost certainly the ATT router. 

Haven't figured out yet how to close the port.  ... 


Am just out of time for now.  Will post back how it goes. 

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Thanks again, Hazelnut.  :) 


I have done quite a bit of checking since last post. 

The computers here show stealthed or closed or invisible but the router isn't. 

Not sure yet how to handle it.  I will at least change the password and whatever else I can from here.

Haven't tried to close the port yet.  That approach doesn't look promising, does it?


Maybe will get in touch with the ISP and point out that their service port is now a target for a new malware. 

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