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"Finds" 68 files--lists only 48


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While Recuva is scanning, by the 21% point (and through the end) it shows 68 files are found on my SD card.  But when Recuva shows the results, only 48 are listed.  I've tried deep scans and set it for 7 passes, but I never get more than 48 (sometimes less.)


ALSO, while it is scanning, it says it is doing stage one of three, but I never get a second or third stage.


What is happening?  I know I have more files than the 48 shown.  (Most files are photos, and I've tried your recommendations--not using the Wizard, etc.)

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The files found includes live files and those excluded by whatever options are used, exclude zero length files, for instance. That's all there is on the card, if you can show why you think that there's more then please do.


With such a small amount of files found stage two and three are likely to pass very quickly. Those two stages don't reveal any more files, just provide more details.

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