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After installing latest update,.............

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I am a long time CCleaner user, and have never had the need to post here previously. As per the title, I just installed the latest program update last night. I see the devs are aware of the issue with Windows log files already, but there is something else I have noticed.


Since updating to v5.23.5808 using the program is much slower. I run it frequently, and it's not usually removing hundreds of MBs from my disk. This version is taking roughly three to four times as long to clean my system with the same options checked. It is also telling me that IE must be closed to clean cookies,....I have never seen this before. Has anyone else noticed this?


Is there anywhere I can DL the last version before this upgrade? I have looked, but can't seem to find any links on a trusted site.



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I am having the exact same problems since I updated 2 days ago.  Sometimes CCleaner runs endlessly and never finishes cleaning, so I have to cancel the clean.  Other times, it takes a long time, then only cleans a tiny amount of the space it usually cleans. 

I also get the message about having to close IE in order to use CCleaner, which is extremely inconvenient.

I have Windows 7, IE 11, and CCleaner Pro ver 5.23.5808.


Is there a fix for this other than reverting to an older version?

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I've got a similar issue with Ccleaner v. 5.23.5808. Besides taking a long time to analyze, there are times when the analysis will show 10MB, 20MB, or more of files to be removed. But when I ask it to clean these files, only 1-2MB of files are actually removed. This doesn't happen every time, just once in a while.

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