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Kaspersky closes CCleaner when cleaning Firefox

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I just installed the latest update of CCleaner and it shut down while cleaning, further tests revealed that it was only when cleaning Firefox and Kaspersky AV was running, so I am guessing that Kaspersky is to blame, but there was no log of the event.  I am still running Windows 10 pro 1511.


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Hi Stokesson!


I'd be happy to look into this for you :)


Could you please run CCleaner in debug mode? To do this:


1 - Click the Windows Start button, then type 'Run' in the search box
2 - In the Run dialog box, type: C:\Program Files\CCleaner\CCleaner.exe /debug
3 - The application will start with DEBUG MODE displayed on the interface
4 - Now, use the application normally to recreate the issue you are reporting
5 - Once finished, please close the application
6 - A log file will be in C:\Program Files\CCleaner\ in the format: ccleaner_[version][date|time].log.


Could you either upload that file here, or email it to us at support@piriform.com and reference this thread in your email :)

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Maybe my problem is related?

When I start CC ( the last update) and as soon as the CC screen is present, WIN XP is shut down.

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