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CCleaner not working on MacOS Sierra 10.12


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I am having the same problem after upgrade to Sierra.  Refer to attached screen shots.


(1) Before supposed cleaning: 309 MB to clean ("Analysis")

(2) After supposed cleaning: 0.1 mb cleaned ("Cleaning Complete")

(3) After supposed cleaning + run analysis again: still 309 MB to clean ("Analysis")


Appears CCleaner has stopped working after Mac OS X Sierra upgrade.


As an aside, this forum seems extra difficult to use on multiple levels.  (Maybe you do not want feedback when your software is broken?)


Before Supposed Cleaning 2016-10-01 SAT.tiff

CCleaner Cleaning Complete 2016-10-01 SAT.tiff

CCleaner 2016-10-01 SAT Analysis 2 after supposed cleaning.tiff

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If you have the Pro version, selecting browser Monitoring from the Options menu allows you to select browsers to monitor.  When I changed my settings to Secure Mode 7-passes, the monitoring feature did clean the browser when you close the browser  At least there was nothing in the Analysis window after it cleaned.  Whether or not it actually does a secure 7-pass wipe is undetermined.  Either way, there is some updating to be done to work correctly in Sierra.

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