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Recovering data from damaged/corrupted Hard Drive

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Hello everyone,

this is my first post.


My computer just died. I am using an old backup computer now, to which I attached the dead C drive, to see if it was ok. Turns out, it isn't. My backup computer was able to "See" the drive, when connected via an external drive case, but could not access it, and it claimed it was completely empty. It also slowed my backup system to a crawl when attempting to explore it.


There was no clicking or anything else to imply it was a mechanical failure. Even now, it spins up just like a healthy drive. Some people I asked said it might just be a corruption of the "menu" (I think that's what they said), and that all the data might be fine.

One person said to use Recuva. So I just installed it. But after a few minutes, (and also based on the description on the main page of the Recuva website), Recuva seems to be only meant for recovering deleted files.


Is this correct?


Or, did I simply not dig deep enough? Can Recuva indeed see and recover the data on this drive? I haven't spent hours and hours attempting this, but after at least 5 minutes, I saw nothing to imply this is something that Recuva can do. It seems to be meant only for retrieving deleted files on a working hard drive.


Can someone please shed some light on this?


Many thanks in advance for your help.

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I have a dead/corrupted hard drive too. I upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10 about six months ago.  Everything was running fine until three weeks ago.  The hard drive on my laptop got corrupted and it was stuck on the screen before the login window. The mouse and keyboard only work in the BIOS menu once I was able to get it to boot to the BIOS. I tried several times to get the OS to get past the login in screen. I finally took it to Staples and they ran a virus and malware check and cleaned it up. I did not notice until I got home that the laptop was still in the same condition as before the tech worked on it. I used Windows 10 recovery from NEOSMART but it did not fix the problem. It did, however, tell me that it could not see my data. I took it to back to Staples to see if they could recover my data. No such luck. I had them remove the hard drive and brought everything home.


I slaved the hard drive to the laptop I'm using via a USB 2.0 to SATA adapter. The hard drive was assigned a drive letter but the system said that it needed to format it to read it. I did not format the drive. The laptop I'm using now is a HP 2000 Notebook. It has an AMD E-450 APU processor, 4GB RAM and Windows 10 64-bit OS.  Can I run Recuva on this machine to fix my dead/corrupted hard drive. Should I restore this laptop back to Windows 7? I'm considering purchasing the Recuva Professional.




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Hi LJC, and welcome to the forum.


Can you start your own, new topic, as it's not good to try responding to two different posters with slightly different problems.


You'll also give yourself a better opportunity for a response with a separate topic.


Thanks.  :)

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@ petite_penelope  (love that name).


I don't want to post the same thing twice, so if you have no luck with Recuva, I'll be posting some other options in this thread after LJC has tried Recuva ...




I trust you're not in a screaming hurry.   :)



EDIT: Welcome to the forum by the way penelope.

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A corrupted hard drive always contains important files and folders, how to get data back from it? Is there useful method to repair hard disk without losing data? Yes. Send it to a specialist shop and it is going to cost you a bomb to retrieve, save, recover and extract all your data. So the best choice is to recover files from the corrupted drive with data recovery software.

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Just now, mta said:

hopefully Vivek, after 20 months, the OP may still find your link useful.... :ph34r:

Banned and removed

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