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AVAST WEB BROWSER - CCleaner Does Not Recognise It & Never Cleans It

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I use Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge, all of which CCleaner is built to clean, but it never shows any recognition of my Avast Browser.  Avast also has the option to use a "Safe Browser" which opens in another window, separate from its standard browser and works a bit like a Sandbox.


It does appear to recognise the Anti-Virus files, however and cleans the Avast security ware logs, etc., but there is no evidence it cleans my browsing activity done in the Avast web browser.  Screen shot attached.


Are there any plans for CCleaner to include the Avast browser in its stable of capabilities?  Because of Avast's Save Browser, I use it all the time for security reasons and rarely use any of the others, now.  I look forward to hearing from you regarding this addition.


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