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Avast vs Macrium in win 10

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I was trying to create a rescue disk after installing the win 10 anniversary update.
Macrium program wanted to update to 6.2.1502.
During the update to version 6.2.1502 Avast quarantined WAIKfiles5x64.exe.
The update and the disk creation failed a couple of times.
Finally fixed it by using the Avast interface to restore the file and then Macrium worked.
Reported the action to Avast as a false positive.


Avast already knew about the issue with win 10, has published a fix.  Here: 

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I think maybe this topic could be deleted, and the single post moved here


I didn't realize that Tas was talking about the same issue.  Sorry about the confusion. 

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The Avast issue you outline seems to be a separate one to the other topic login, so I say leave this topic as is.


Others using Avast may hit your issue and get some benefit from here, so good info.  :)

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