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Thor Hedderich

APK Cleaning is safe in CCleaner Android ?

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Hi, my samsung Galaxy S5 is getting out of space, I have already moved some apps to the External SD Card but the space reminders still keep appearing in the status bar, I have made an APK Backup using My APK´s Pro in the SD Card just to keep them handy, When I use CCleaner there is an option telling me I can almost free 4,5 Gyg just in APK´s but I am afraid if the APK´s backup in the SD card are included on those 4.5 Gyg so  I have not used this option as I have some paid apps and would not like to loose them, also I don´t know what APK´s is CCleaner "cleaning" and just wanted to be sure before I attempt to do this.

Quite sure many users are also wondering this.





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