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Microsoft Edge files are skipped

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All of the sudden today, CCleaner skipped all MS Edge related files (Internet cashe. internet history, cookies and download history).

I am running Windows 10. All my SW is up to date. No changes have been made since yesterday when it was working just fine.

See attached file.

Pls. suggest fix.

Thank you.CCleaner.pdf

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if you start the PC in Safe Mode and run CC again, if Edge gets cleaned then, it may be that some background task was running, preventing CC from accessing Edge.

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I see the same issue with skipped Edge files.  I think that the there is a W10 prompt that appears before deleting these files that stops Ccleaner.  Here is what I see:


Run Ccleaner analyze.  You will see the paths for Edge cache, cookies, history.  


Find the listed files using Windows Explorer and do a manual delete.


You will then see a Windows prompt that warns that these are system files, and asks you to confirm delete.


I have found that it is OK to delete these in spite of the so called "system" warning, but I wonder if that prompt stops Ccleaner. 

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Well this week Windows 10 has had the Anniversary Upgrade, and yesterday was patch Tuesday which also gave a Cumulative Update (KB3176495) and a Malicious Software Removal Tool update (KB890830).


Both the Anniversary Upgrade and the Cumulative Update made changes to Edge.


Even if you dont have the Anniversary Upgrade yet and are still on Win 10 1511 there were updates yesterday for patch Tuesday.


Could be that Edge has moved the target again and it will take the devs time to work out what has changed and catch up?


PS. I have the Anniversary Upgrade (version 1607) and Ccleaner works fine on my machine.

Only problems that I have had is with StickyNotes, reported in another thread, and with slow browser tabs, but that may be Firefox 48 rather than Windows AU; I'm stil trying to track it down..

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I too am experiencing CCleaner v5.20.5668  now not cleaning Edge. I am running W10 64-bit with the Anniversary Upgrade and the Cumulative Update posted this week. The Cumulative Update did not fix the issue.


I tried uninstalling CCleaner and reinstalling with no luck. CCleaner states, as I begin to run CCleaner, that Edge is running, yet I never use Edge! Sometimes CCleaner shows a popup asking me if I want to close Edge and I say 'Yes' (and never set it to remember, BTW) and the results never show that Edge was cleaned. Sometimes it shows Edge was 'Skipped' or there is nothing listed in the clean results that Edge was cleaned at all. 


This behavior is occurring every time I use CCleaner since the Anniversary Upgrade AND also the Cumulative Update.


Hope for a fix soon,



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