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CCleaner changing settings in Firefox

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See if this remedies it:

1. Open CCleaner.

2. In the Cleaner section click the Applications tab.

3. Under Firefox untick Compact Databases.


Hi Andavari,


Thanks for your response. Could you tell me what Compact Databases are?


The Compact Databases is already unticked.  Do you happen to know what change CCleaner is making to the Firefox settings each time I run it, which Kaspersky is then reversing?  Is it changing the setting which refers to Compact Databases?


The only information I get in my logs is that Kaspersky is reversing a change which CCleaner is making to the settings in Firefox.  It doesn't say anything about a change in the settings of CCleaner.


I feel a little trapped in a disagreement by two companies regarding what is best for me as a computer user and I would like to know what that disagreement is about so I can decide for myself.

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Compact Databases was the only thing off the top of my head that CCleaner would modify by compressing the Firefox SQLite database files so they aren't taking up so much space.


As to what Kaspersky is detecting I wouldn't have a clue, probably best to ask Kaspersky what changes they're detecting and if they or you could possibly whitelist CCleaner to make both products more compatible.



I've made a post to the CCleaner bug fixers/devs, so hopefully they can also look into the conflict.

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