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My PC runs Windows 7 64-bit. Today I downloaded and installed the Google NIK Collection (a group of photo-processing utilities). CCleaner Cloud can see it and lists it among installed software. However, I cannot find it on the computer. It's listed in the programs that show if I go to Control Panel and click on 'Uninstall a Program'. If I open the programs folder it is not there; neither can 'search' find it. It doesn't show in the programs when I press the start button.


It hard to start using a program that you can't find! Can anyone explain this?

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Do you have Photoshop/Lightroom installed?


I thought that the NIK collection (now free) installed plugins in whatever photo editing program you had (I may be wrong here)



CCleaner documentation can be found here


Support contact




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Many thanks, hazelnut. You are correct and the NIK collection is not compatible with the ACDSee program. An earlier version of the collection allowed independent use of the different elements of the collection but not the complete collection version. I should have checked before installing. It's gone now. Thanks again.

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