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Wipe MFT hangs up at 98% for 12 hours+

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OS: Windows 10 Home (64bit) upgraded from Win 7 Home.

CCleaner: 5.19.5633 (64bit)

AV: Kaspersky Internet Security 2016


I've searched this thread and found it more than once on this forum, but have not found a good answer for the problem so far.


Anyway, CCleaner cleans to 100% and finishes without wipe free space checked, but when I try to wipe free space is appears to hang up at 98%. I've let the pc run for 12+ hours with no change.


Any ideas?



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Let me report a similar situation. I've just upgraded my Windows 7 with Windows 10. Now my wiping of 'MFT free space' takes a simply huge amount of time, 7 hours (plus) to complete this action. When using Windows 7 it took a while but nothing like 7 hours. Probably around 30 - 45 minutes. In both scenarios I used 'advanced over-write 3 passes'. After cleaning I tried it again and exactly the same thing happened. This problem is not identical to White Collar's problem, but it appears similar. Any thoughts?

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No cure, but observations. An O/S upgrade will - in my experience - greatly increase the size of the MFT as the new software is downloaded prior to the upgrade, possibly pushing it into several extents. So it will take longer to wipe the MFT. There's no way to reduce the size of the MFT: no easy way that is. Also three passes are two too many and just extends the time.


In the end we think we know how CC works in principle but we've no idea what's going on at a detailed level, nor what NTFS is doing.

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