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Macrium Reflect & Win 7

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Hello every one. I would appreciate your comments as to the following :


1- Presently running Win 8.1 Home on drive 0 (720 GB free of 920 GB)

2- Would like retrograding to Win 7 Home  (original boxed and registered) to same drive 0 while keeping all data and programs. Just changing system.

3- QUESTION : Do I have to use Macrium Image to do this ?

Any suggestions would be welcome.

Thanks,  :)



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Thanks but how do you go about it ? can you elaborate ? Were talking about a Win 8.1 drive image here. Then how can you restore this C drive without the system files on a Win 7 partition ?

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If you're going to do what you mention in post #1 I'd recommend asking on the Macrium forums, as they're more likely to know if you can or can't do that.

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