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SPECCY: Willy2's bug reports

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- Sometimes SPECCY can't make up it's mind. I came across one example of where the program thought someone had a i3 or i5 or i7 Intel CPU but according to the writer of the post he/she had a Celeron CPU.

- And the user had a "5xxxx" Intel CPU. Odd, very odd.


See reply #6 in this thread:


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- SPECCY does recognize my laptop has a i5 Intel 520M CPU. (See my signature).

- Odd, would the presence of Win 8 (somewhat) mislead SPECCY ?

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- The changing of the language in the installation program (v1.30) doesn't work. I've tried to change the language to russian, german and dutch but the GUI continues to display all texts in english.

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- SPECCY v1.31 still fails to report the proper status of the Windows Defender Service. I disabled that Service but SPECCY still think that it's running. Seems SPECCY is pulling up the wrong info to determine whether or not this Service is running.


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- I'll provide some more info (See previous post).

- The SPECCY (v1.31) snapshot (see my signature) says that the "Windows Defender" is disabled/stopped on my Windows 7 system. But the same SPECCY snapshot also tells me (under the header "Windows Defender") that "Windows Defender" has been enabled.


A question for people who have a Win 8 or Win 10 system:  Does the same issue surface on those Operating Systems ?

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- Bug in the installation program of SPECCY v1.31.


Take the following steps:

1) Start the installation program.

2) Change the language from english (the default language) to "Nederlands/Dutch".

3) The word "More" doesn't get translated. It should be "Verder" or "Meer".

4) Choose "More" and then another english word ("Back") shows up. That should be "Terug".


These are clearly 2 bugs in the programcode because when I change the language to german, japanese, latvian, russian or spanish these 2 words remain in english and don't get "translated". (Didn't try other languages).


- I also noticed that translators for a number of languages need to increase the amount of translated text strings. Seems they didn't "receive the message" that the amount of text strings has increased.

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A follow up on the "Windows Defender" problem/bug (see also previous posts).


- In a thread on "BleepingComputer" I came across this SPECCY snapshot from a Win 7 system.



This snapshot reports the user has the Windows Defender disabled. And that's logical because he/she has MS Security Essentials (MSE) as an anti virus program. When a user installs MSE then it automatically disables Windows Defender and the Windows Defender Service.


- But on my Win 7 system I have disabled the Windows Defender Service and I didn't install MSE but nonetheless SPECCY reports that Windows Defender is "Enabled".


Conclusion: SPECCY pulls up the wrong info from the wrong spot and then - of course - draws the wrong conclusion. To be fixed in a/the next SPECCY version !!!!

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