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Can CCleaner be causing a problem where A popup appears in Windows 10 stating:

"Click here to enter your most recent Credential.  Your M icrosoft account needs you to sign in again"

I get this message about every 2 days. And I have none of the items in ADVANCED checked.

I have tried the suggestions found in google searches, but the problem persists. It could be a windows 10 bug, but i see some have had the problem in Win 8 and 8.1 also.

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Do you use the Microsoft account for anything other than logging in?

If not then change your login to a local account:

Then for completeness delete your Microsoft account:

I did this last week, following the instructions linked to above, after my MS account would not let me change my email address.
(Made me wait 30 days then still would not change it).

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Thanks for the Response nukecad

I am not sure what the benefit is in doing your suggestions and what effects it may have, And does it solve the problem of asking to reenter credentials.

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From what I have read the problem you are having is a Windows problem and can have various causes.

It often seems to be a issue with having virtual storage (Onedrive, dropbox, etc) pinned to the quick access.


One of the most often suggested cures is to switch to a local account, and then back to your MS account.


My question was whether you need the MS account at all.

It depends on whether you are using anything from the Microsoft Store- say you have MS Office on a subscription, or maybe you have a Xbox.


If you have anything on subscription from MS, or intend to buy something from the MS store, then you need an MS account.

You also need one to access Outlook, Skype, OneDrive


If you do need an MS account then I would do the switch to local/switch back thing to see if it cures your setup.

I would also check to see if you have the MS account set to require a change of password every so often. (A security feature).


But to be honest there are millions out there who signed up to a MS account when registering Win8.* or Win10 who are never going to use it.

It's like having a store account for a store you are never going to visit.

(Microsoft worded it so it seemed it was needed for the upgrade).


So there are millions out there who, like me, had a MS account that is/was not used except for the email address / password when switching on and logging in to the PC.


So changing to a local account for login and deleting your MS account means that you are no longer connected as closely to MS. (Which some would say is a good thing in itself).

And you won't get nagged to update your Microsoft account- because you don't have one.

With a local login you can still use the same password/face recognition/fingerprint as before.


You can also still have a MS account but use a local account to login. (Like in the old days).

This means you login with your local account and only connect/logon to the MS account when you need to, e.g. to access your outlook mail.

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