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UAC appearing in w8-32 bit

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When the system boots up, piriform's UAC confirmation dialogue is appearing in w8-32 bit.


Seeing the suggestion on this site and elsewhere on net, I uninstalled and reinstalled ccleaner twice but the dialogue is still appearing.


second time I had uninstalled it using REVO uninstaller so that it would have cleaned registry for all mention of ccleaner, but it said it didn't find any mention of ccleaner in registry. That either means that you are uninstalling cleaner well that cleans all registry entry, or some problem with revo.


At this second time, I had manually deleted ccleaner task from task scheduler after uninstalling.

When I went to delete that manually in computer management - task scheduler, on selecting delete, it had said that "Transaction support within the required resources was not started or shut down, so can't modify it." and didn't delete it.

then I went to system32\tasks and manually deleted ccleaner entry.


1. In the attached pic 1, task manager is showing 3 entries for ccleaner. I don't know whether it is the reason for this prompt appearing.


I am sure only single entry should appear, and I don't know where these 3 entries are stored on harddisk or in registry so I am not able to delete two of them manually.


Interestingly, task scheduler is NOT showing any single entry now.


2. In the attached pic 2, when I open ccleaner, Options - Advanced, and tick to "Skip UAC prompt', it says "can't create an entry which is already created.


Please resolve.







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Do you have monitoring turned on?


If so try turning it off completely and then rebooting.


See if that makes any difference.

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yes, I had monitoring turned on. I turned it off completely and and then rebooted.


but that didn't solve the problem. UAC is still appearing on boot.


I have turned it on again.



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