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Duplicate finder found thousands of Carbonite files

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I've used CCleaner Pro for many years but just never used the Duplicate Finder until a few days ago. 


After running it found over 8,000 duplicate files and almost 100% or shown to be carbonite restore files. I just contacted Carbonite and they looked at the computer and see that I only did one restore in August and the agent didn't have a clue, or desire, to explain why CCleaner has found so many duplicates. Some files have over 50 duplicates themselves. 


Can anyone possibly explain what is happening, and if I'm really loosing hard drive space? I am also going to run a check with another duplicate finding software I have and see if it finds the same files.



Thanks for any help.



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Hi Scott, and welcome to Piriform.


To be honest I had to google Carbonite to find out what it is exactly, and I soon found hits from other folk, who after carrying out a restore have had files not only duplicated but triplicated.


Two examples below from the comments section of a website called "cloudwards".



J** says:

Had you asked me about Carbonite when I owned my XP, I would have said glorious things about it. After I upgraded to W7, I encountered more problems than ever before. My computer stopped responding so frequently that I almost took an axe to the thing out of sheer frustration. I had to reboot constantly. It happened in every program including my web browsers. At the time, I did not realize the stop-responding problem was due to Carbonite until my subscription expired. After several weeks after it expired my computer was humming like a baby with no glitches! No more problems with stop-responding! During the restoration process after I switched over to a new computer with W7, Carbonite not only duplicated the files but triplicated them! I had more data on my new computer than imaginable. It would not complete the restoration process and would need to start all over again, hence creating triplicates. (Yet most of the files ‘were’ restored.) I don’t think I will ever use Carbonite again. My little external drive has done just fine and has not caused any slow down or stop-responding.



D***** C***** says:

Videos are not backed up here. Also when you retrieve your info you get double and triple your files back which takes several days to download, then your computer runs very slowly while you clean out all the duplicate files.






Scroll way down the page to find the comments quoted above, and many others besides.


I gave up looking for other examples as it clearly seems to be a Carbonite issue.


Personally, I prefer my important backups to be on external hard drives in the form of a "Macrium Image" File (used by many folk on here), and/or file and folder backups. In fact I have two backups of many many years of photographs, and each kept on separate hard drives.


Each to their own of course, and I hope that helps.


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