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Duplicate Finder doesn't delete files

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CCleaner's Duplicate Finder finds duplicated files well, but it cannot delete any of them.

I select the files I want to delete in the duplicated files result window, then click on the "Delete Selected" button, and it says "The operation has been completed. Some of the selected files were not deleted.", and none of the selected files are deleted.

However, I can delete the files manually using Windows Explorer without any problem.


I use CCleaner Free v5.16 on Windows 10 Pro (64-bit). I tried to run CCLeaner as Administrator, but it didn't help.


Could you please analyze this issue?


Thanks in advance!

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Any help, resolution, fixes.... anything at all on this problem yet? I've checked attributes, permissions, group policies, rights, blah, blah, blah, but cannot get Ccleaner to delete one measly file out of hundreds it finds using the duplicate finder. By the way, many people are trying to get rid of duplicate PORN movies or images, so when someone is asked to post filenames, extensions or paths to help troubleshoot (as was done above) they are not providing that data because of personal embarrassment or public civility. That you don't know that and ask anyway, makes me think either you do know that, and you're being cleverly dismissive of this bug in CCleaner, or you've been on a coding rampage for too many days and need a break. Either way, something is broken with file deletion in the duplicate finder.

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Nothing has been expressly stated by Piriform why it won't delete some dups. I would imagine they have safety built in so as to perhaps not delete needed program files and system files. For instance a system can have multiple versions of a .DLL file, the original in the Windows system area and then programs can have their own specifically installed version in their own folder.

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This bug is still present as of CCleaner 5.47.6716, and the entire reason I installed the program was for this feature.  My search for duplicates across 3 magnetic hard drives, matching by file size and content, and ignoring files under 100MB in size shows there are duplicates, but when I select duplicates and click "Delete selected", the program takes a very long time to complete given that deleting a couple dozen files should take a couple seconds at most, and then reports some files couldn't be deleted.  UAC is not an issue, AV is not an issue, I can open a command line as a limited user and delete the files that the duplicate finder fails to remove.  The program is set to use normal delete and not secure delete.  I did notice that "Options>Wipe Free Drives" seems to suggest that two of my magnetic hard drives are SSDs, but this is wrong.

I did see that the files that failed to be deleted are not grayed out, so at least it's easy to skim through the list and manually delete the offending files.

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Hi All,

I've encounter this issue multiple times, figured it out multiple times and then forgotten my solution ... multiple times.   The issue for me turned out to be that the folder/files could not be deleted because they had the "compress ..." attributes enabled.    Check the folder/file by right-clicking it > Properties > Advanced (general tab) > uncheck "Compress contents to save disk space".   After this, I was able to use the Duplicate File Finder deletion without issue.

Hopefully this helps someone, especially Piriform, to understand the issue. 

Good luck!

- Jeremy





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Sheesh - I had to go through 11 CAPTCHA 'pick boxes with traffic light/bikes/taxis' etc. to finally be granted access to give back to Internet peeps that I rely on so often:

Go to the properties of a file (or if there are many, go to the properties of the entire folder) and deselect Read Only.  Then rerun CCCleaner Duplicate Finder.  There may be other causes out there, but this took care of it for me (JJDagger above got me thinking in the right direction - thx).

readonly - Copy.JPG

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