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CCleaner v5.16.5551 - Unwanted Resetting Privacy Badger

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Hi I have installed the latest CCleaner v5.16.5551


And noticed every time I use it, then Load Google Chrome, EFFs Privacy Badger plugin is opening a new tab with its welcome screen as if its the first time you have installed Privacy Badger ..




This plugin learns over time how to block sites, so wiping out its history files is undesireable, because CCleaner is effectively wiping out everything it has learned


And there is no obvious option that I can see to turn off cleaning of this Chrome plugin



If you have introduced cleaning out of Chrome plugins, then you should also provide options PER PLUGIN to disable cleaning them out aswell


At the moment I am not inclined to use CCleaner because it is wiping out the protection that Privacy Badger has learned.


Here is a screenshot of Privacy Badger, while visiting a popular news paper site .. There are a lot more trackers than just the visible 5 ( you need to scroll down through them all which I cannot show in a screenshot ), and trust me they are all green ( allowed ). Which means normally the majority of these which usually have Red or at least Yellow settings which have been learned by cross comparison with other websites using the same trackers .. have been wiped



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Try to find out where it's storing its settings, and then exclude those settings file or folder in CCleaner at 'Options > Exclude'.


For some reason Chrome/Chromium-based browsers have extensions which get their settings deleted by CCleaner which is made evident by the number of posts on this forum about it which is also backed up by many user comments on the Chrome Store for particular extensions such as adblocking software, etc.



See if this helps any, or gives a clue of where to look for what to exclude:


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I do not read the forum, so would not know about the frequency of other reports .. But I guess those are just confirming my experience ?


Anyway the release notes for this version reads as follows :




v5.16.5551 (22 Mar 2016)
- Added Opera GPU and Application cache cleaning. 
- Improved Google Chrome cleaning: IndexedDB, Quote Manager DB and Service Worker cache. 
- Improved Microsoft Edge Temporary Files cleaning. 
- Update Google Chrome Browser Plug-in management
- Improved keyboard navigation. 
- Updated various translations. 
- Minor GUI improvements. 
- Minor bug fixes.
[my bold]
I am guessing that because every version of CCleaner which I have had installed before now which did not behave like the current version - That one of the above emboldened new features is the code responsible for the problem
So it should not be too much of a trace back for the programmers of CCleaner to find what it is doing wrong / or provide an option to disable what it is doing for users
I have given a link to the plugin being affected
I have no idea what files are being touched by CCleaner to cause the problem. So would not know what to exclude.
Do Piriform expect users to have to do such investigations for their softwares unforeseen consequences ?
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Adding this folder - C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default (Windows 10) - to the exclude list will keep Privacy Badger from resetting.  However, as I understand it, adding that folder also essentially eliminates CCleaner from doing anything to Chrome, including removing Cookies.  I have tried to find a more specific sub-folder and/or file which is storing the Privacy Badger settings/data but have not been able to find it (other than that any Whitelist entries appear to be stored in the Local Extension Settings folder).

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