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2 folders CCleaner does not scan


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All the contents of both these folders can be deleted with no problems.




Im really surprised CCleaner does not clean this because it can take up a lot of space and possibly internet usage allowance.


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I decided to go through my folders and this is what I deleted that CCleaner missed:






I am unsure how this may affect the application but it looked useless.

Anything with goog, trackwhite, track or badinurl excluding test, pretty much every file that does not start with test as I disabled safebrowsing because I use Kaspersky and Ublock Origin instead

%AppData%\Local\Windows Live

Any folder modified before the Deployment folder


Left behind from an uninstall:

Private History

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Not worth bothering with that folder. I used to clean it out, but Firefox will just put it back since it's using Google's list of what's safe on the web such as blocking the ability to load a known by Google infected malware injecting site.

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Blocking it may lead to getting an infection because Google can classify a site as unsafe relatively quickly - faster than our antivirus software which may or may not detect a malware infected site.

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Yea I dont recommend disabling it when I install computers for others but I dont need it as I have managed for years without any hand holding (apart from a good AV) and it doesnt stop MITM attacks anyway(I dont think?) so for me its a false sense of confidence if anything. If it can stop MITM attacks then Kaspersky will do it anyway as it checks certificates heuristically and actively.


btw this forum needs HTTPS at least for its sign up and login.

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