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Windows 10 Anniversary Update brings New Experiences and Developer Opportunity

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Remember a month ago I said I had no choice but to reformat? I did and the PCs' default is Win7. Since around that time I think I've seen a post or 2 by others here mentioning that MS was discontinuing updates for Win 7. Anyway, after I reformatted I did Windows Update several times and I got some KB stuff etc. but not nearly as much as I normally would have. The last update I downloaded had one item, Windows Update Agent 7.6.7600.320. After that I tried update and nothing showed up. Not the next day, not ever again. And definitely not SP1. The only thing that came through (automatically) was an MS Essentials (AV) update. Twice failed, 3rd time successful. I downloaded MSE because I had no AV after reformatting.


By the way, I have no idea how to turn off or disable MSE. I can't even find it in folders or submenus.


Yes, I downloaded from the assisted tech link.


I'll try again sometime later doing what you suggested but not right now. Both previous times were a +6 hour ordeal.


Thanks Hazelnut.

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If you right-click on Computer and select properties and it says you don't have SP1 then download it from here. Then install it.




See here to know which one to choose



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right-click on Computer and select properties


Weird, it does say I have SP1.

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