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Difference between private and public networks explained


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We've all seen this where you're asked do you want to make your network discoverable.


Here it explains what this means in easy to understand format



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Sorry, no, that didn't answer it at all. :wacko: Here's my situation. I have a PC that has internet access through ethernet cable. I have absolutely zero other devices that I would want to 'sync' my PC with. I have a printer connected to my PC but I don't think that even matters. 


All I want to know is can I connect to the average worldwide internet if I turn that 'network discovery' setting off? I'll put it another way...do a lot of regular websites Depend on whether I have that setting on or off? Or does it have to do more with accessing other computers on a shared network?


Why is life difficult?


Make it all better, Hazelnut! :lol:

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Funny, I did turn it off, restarted my PC, and after it rebooted it asked me if I really wanted to keep my 'network discovery' option 'off'. Like a frightened rabbit I chose to turn it back on. Just because.


But now that I know how to access it again, I think I'll turn it off again.


Another thing...I bet that is the service Win10 needs in order to connect PCs with Microsoft Online, or whatever that service is called, which I have no desire to connect to. (Used to be called Windows Live.)


Thanks again Hazelnut. ;)

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