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Firefox addon hellobeta


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I had just noticed this earlier today.


Apparently it's a tool, not a plug-in.


It's still in testing, hence the Beta designation.



Firefox Hello Beta is a communication tool that lets you share tabs you’re browsing in Firefox with others and chat over video or text, free and without needing an account or login. Firefox Hello Beta in Windows, Mac and Linux helps you discuss and make decisions about anything online by sharing the website you’re browsing in your conversation. This makes it easier and faster to do things like to shop online together with friends, plan a vacation with the family or collaborate on work with a colleague.




I do remember something being mentioned about it from a few FFx upgrades ago, but didn't realise it had automatically been installed.


Will need to read more about it, although I doubt I'll be using it anytime soon.



If you go to the hamburger menu and select '+ Customise' you will see a smiley face icon for it that you can drag to the toolbar (if it's not on the tool bar already).

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if i'm not mistaken, Hello added in FF45

FF46beta, Pocket will be added


usually after upgrade to latest version ,FF will ask to restart

to prevent from install, you can delete both XPI from FF folder before restarting FF

C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\browser\features

- loop@mozilla.org.xpi

- firefox@getpocket.com.xpi


when you go to about:support, you will find it is listed there under Extensions

Hello icon


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