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Pale Moon has idea for 'a new browser'

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I'm actually using a Pale Moon version at the moment compiled for Win XP, and although I don't have an Intel Atom processor, it still runs as reliably as the old Firefox ...


In general use, you will likely not notice much (if any) difference if run on a non-Atom processor that is likely more powerful, anyway.



Pale Moon Version: 26.1.1 (Atom/WinXP)


It's kept updated but not with the frightening rapidity of other browsers, and even my long serving "Winstripe Modern" theme works perfectly with it.


Fascinating insight to Pale Moons development hazel.


More power to their elbow.

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Palemoon is changing



As we are getting closer to the major new release that will be Pale Moon 27.0, there are some things that the majority of our users may not be aware of yet, so this announcement is put out there to let you all know what will be changing in Pale Moon, following up to the previous various posts made on the subject.
The big changes involved will see things both added and removed, and this announcement hopes to provide a quick overview of these changes and what to expect in the browser when the new milestone is published (estimated late November if all goes well!)



  • No more Windows XP (and Server 2003) support; the new engine and platform simply isn't geared to handle the ancient NT5 kernel and APIs any longer. What was previously still possible with a special compatibility build, can't be done anymore.
  • No more special Atom hardware version. The core code no longer benefits from these optimizations enough to warrant all the extra work involved in maintaining a separate branch of the Pale Moon code. The new version will run equally well on any processor without needing special treatment, making things a lot simpler for us as well as you!




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