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Ccleaner showing multiple "missing shared DLL" listings in Win-10


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Recently, I installed a fully new IOS version of Win-10 OS (totally overwriting a previous Win-7 OS), plus I added some programs, including "Ccleaner" and "Comodo" firewall. After installing these and an Anti-virus program (Avast) and two browsers [Chrome with add-ins) and Firefox (with no add-ins)] - all seemed to be OK ... for a little while.


Then, as I proceeded with other minor installs, "Comodo" firewall showed a message about "Missing dll". I ran Ccleaner and, sure enough, it came up with line-after-line of "Missing Shared dll". Perhaps, out of ignorance, I pressed the "Fix All Issues" and they disappeared from Ccleaner. One day later, I boot-up and run Ccleaner and it finds nothing. As YET, I haven't come across anything that is not working in Win-10 - but I worry that this issue will come back to haunt me later.




(1) Can Ccleaner actually "fix" a "missing dll"? (How could it fix something that, presumably, isn't there? Or is it just 'hiding' these errors, since I chose the "fix all issues" option?


(2) When Ccleaner "fixed" the issues (above), I did save the Registry copy. But, I don't know how to restore from that saved Registry so that I might closer examine the errors for hints of where the problem(s) is/are, exactly which dll is missing, and what program is causing this issue. How do I Restore that saved Registry that shows the errors?


Any help on this will be very much appreciated.




( email redacted by moderation )

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no, CC (or more accurately, the Registry cleaner) cannot 'fix' missing DLL's.

what it does is delete the offending reg key.


the backup offered before Fix all issues creates a .REG file which by default is placed in your Documents folder and can be opened with any text editor.

to restore its contents, simply double click that .REG file and follow the prompts.


PS: remove your email address otherwise anybody doing a web search on this topic may see your address.

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