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iPhone decryption: Apple opposes FBI demand

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i see this in german tv-news :-)




google translation:


FBI experts are unable, the iPhone the assassin of San Bernardino to crack. Therefore ask the investigators Apple for help. But the company refuses.


A US court decision, Apple to the test. By arrangement, a judge in California, the company has asked FBI investigators to help to get to data that is stored on an Apple phone. It refers to the iPhone 5C by Seyd F., who killed in December with his wife Tashfeen M. in San Bernardino 14 people.

For months, experts try the FBI to get at the data without success. Your problem is a technology that Apple and Google in 2014, who in response to the Snowden revelations, introduced: With iOS 8 and Android 5 two companies introduced an automatic encryption of mobile memory.

This same encryption provides for the investigators is a apparently unsolvable problem. Only with the correct PIN to leave the iPhone in question unlock and decrypt the memory. Previously, such barriers by so-called brute force attacks could be overcome: You just tried through all possible number combinations until they found the right one.


Brute force has no chance

With current iPhones this technique does not work anymore. On the one hand blocks a locking function to quickly try out combinations of numbers. After several failed attempts, the system builds a still longer breaks, so you finally have to wait several hours to try the next code.

Above all, there are in iOS the option to delete the memory after ten failed attempts automatically. This option could be activated when mobile assassin. The FBI experts have their attempts to guess the PIN, apparently set in order not to run the risk that precisely that happen and you might lose valuable data of the offender.


The demands of the FBI

According to court order Apple to the investigators now help "provide three important functions":

--> The auto clear function is to be disabled or bypassed, no matter whether it is enabled or not.
It should be possible to transmit digital number codes to the phone, rather than having to type on the screen manually.
It should be ensured that between the numerical codes tentatively entered by the FBI any delays.

In other words, Apple intended to help the FBI, the PIN code of the iPhone 5C with a brute force attack to crack.

Given how Apple should make this possible, the investigators have specific ideas: Apple is to provide a version of iOS that contains the above-required functions. When uploading this software iOS already installed should not be changed. Instead, the software should be installed in the device's memory and modified so that it will only run on that particular device. If the Group but have a better idea of ​​how the task would be to deal with, he might like to make a suggestion.



Apple goes public

That such would object connected with some effort, is apparently the investigators clearly; and so Apple is in the court order also invited to call "reasonable cost". In addition, a way the company will be dismissed. In point 7 it is, Apple could make an application within five working days, to be released from the arrangement when this "unreasonably burdensome" for holding. This is precisely what Apple do.

On Wednesday morning, Apple CEO Tim Cook published an open letter to its customers. We have worked closely in the wake of San Bernardino with the authorities, helped in the investigation and the FBI received all the required data. Even Apple engineers have provided you as a consultant.


The own customer chop

Now the US government requires but something "which we consider to be too dangerous": "They have asked us to build a back door for the iPhone." Basically it was an adjustment for important safety features iOS version, who want the investigators. "- Which does not exist today - In the wrong hands this software could potentially decrypt any iPhone." A guarantee that such software would be used only in this one case, could not give you.

Ultimately, Apple will be asked to chop his own votes to weaken its own security arrangements and iPhone users to suspend high risks. If Apple actually forced the government could exploit this weakness to "intercept your messages, health and financial data to determine your location or even to activate the camera and the microphone of your iPhone unnoticed".


The moment seems low

So Apple it applies to a confrontation with the government, apparently hopes on winning over public opinion and be able to move the government to reverse.

That the FBI right now zoom occurs with such a request to Apple, no accident is likely to be. Apparently, the authority wants to exploit the public mood in the aftermath of the attack in San Bernardino.
Already in August, the "Washington Post" had quoted from a letter of the lawyer Robert Litt, who works for the Office of the US Secret Service Director. Litt explained that the "legislative environment" for anti-encryption legislation "very hostile" is currently true that this might however change "in the event of a terrorist attack or a crime if it can be demonstrated that strong encryption prosecutors has hindered ".
The fear of the investigators before encryption


The approach of the FBI appears with the other members of the "intelligence community" - to be coordinated - that intelligence professionals. Just two days ago was CIA chief John Brennan of the US television show "60 Minutes" one of his rare interviews. Which affirmed Brennan, we found out "days before" the attacks in Paris in the last November that the "Islamic State" "attempted to perform an action." The people involved have "can make use of new means of communication use" but which "are closed to law enforcement officials." On demand clarified Brennan: Yes, he spoke of encryption.
This claim had Brennan also set up shortly after the attacks of Paris, documents he remained guilty in both cases. In fact, the police could the attackers then obviously listening. In addition, the investigators evaluated - apparently without problems - a phone that had used the perpetrators.



I hope Apple wins. That would be a grandiose win for the data protection and privacy... for a while

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