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Defraggler help

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Quick Optimize


Quick Defrag


What does the analyze do ?

what does the optimize or defrag do ?


The quick ones are for fast but not through and complete ?


I'm not sure but I think I tried analyze and I don't know what it did but optimize gave me like 5 gb more space and took 30 minutes or something.

Could be analyze and not optimize ? I can't remember.


Defrag boosts the speed and give more space too ?


Some people say Don't defrag more often than 2 months or it'll reduce pc life span and not doing at all also reduces pc life span.

I tried to defrag but defraggler says it could reduce life span so I didn't do it. I wanted to know for sure before doing so.


Does it also differs by if I'm using the expensive SDD drive (the fast hard drive for pc) or the old cheap and slow HDD pc drive ?

and also by external drives the big ones like 900gb or 2TB. and usb drives like 2gb,16gb.


External and usb drives shouldn't even be defragged ?


SDD shouldn't either that's why defraggler is saying it's gonna reduce life span ? Only HDD should be defragged every 2 months not often ?

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