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Ccleaner has "windows explorer - Thumbnail Cache" not being deleted. How to fix ?

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After clicking
I get

windows explorer - Thumbnail Cache 7kb 2 files

Utilities - AntiVir Desktop

Mssearch (Something more)

These 3.

It's first only 1 but then if I keep on clicking I get more.


And how do I update ccleaner ? Like antivirus there are updates for free ones.

Or are there no updates ? only paying for upgrades ?

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And how do I update ccleaner ?


Free users have to manually download new versions, and then just install over the pre-existing version. Keep an eye on the Announcements forum area to see when new versions are released which has been historically once per month.


The download is available at http://www.piriform.com/ccleaner/download


However, if you want the Portable or Slim builds you'd go here instead:


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  • 2 weeks later...

It's happening again. The thumbnail cache won't go away.

Analyze and it appeared. Run cleaner and it's still there.

I analyze and run cleaner again and again and turn it off and turn it on repeat. just won't go away.


No solution for this ?

What is this thumbnail cache anyways ? What history is left  and not deleted ?

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