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Showing MAX (and AVG) temp


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Hey guys!


First I'd love to say that you have made a wonderful tool which is probably the best CPU temperature measurement app I've ever seen. I love the design and the fact that I can hide Speccy into the Tray Commander. I also love the graph which helps me to see how the temperature varies over the time. The only thing that's missing is an information about maximum (and average) CPU temperature.


When I'm playing game I can't switch to Speccy every minute to see my CPU temp. That's why I love your graph. But there are no captions in that graph so there's no way I could find out what the highest temperature was. So after I play a game, I can see that now I've got for example 30 °C on my CPU and that the temperature was a bit higher while I was playing. But I can't see any exact numbers. I can't say "ok, I had 45 °C maximum temperature during the game" because there's no way to find out from your app. At least I didn't find anything like that.


I hope you understand what I'm trying to say.


Anyway as I said before, I really like Speccy and hope that this missing feature will be added in the future. Or, even better, that it's already in the app and I'm just a bit stupid and didn't find it.


Thank you!

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