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Delayed Startup (free version) Win7 Home/ Win8.1 Pro


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I googled this before and read of others having issues such as when clicking the Ccleaner icon it takes some time for the app to start. Both OS I posted in title are affected for me anyway.


The delay is approx. 20 - 30 seconds on both OS.


I read of what the MOD suggested in each thread. http://forum.piriform.com/?showtopic=44723


Click active monitoring, uncheck skip user access control warning, run with highest priority,  etc...


I still have this issue no matter how far back I install a version and I mean I have old version saved on my computer.


Is there a fix for this yet?


* So far I redirected the shortcut to open the 32-bit version of Ccleaner and it opens a separate process in windows (an additional Ccleaner icon appears on task bar) even though I point the shortcut to 32bit version it launches 64bit version of Ccleaner. 
This does help with the delay but would like to know the fix for this.

Put this here in advance: Running - Win7 SP1 Home Premium 64bit & Win8.1 Pro 64bit , Intel i5 2700k (sandy bridge) Asrock P67 Extreme 4,  Sandisk 240GB SSD, 8GB Ram.  


Again tried all suggestions on the above link to forum thread and no work around other than what I mentioned in the asterisk * above


Thanks for the help

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