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british and anglo saxons :-)

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do you know that the Frisians and the British are genetically indistinguishable, while the British and the Welsh are quite foreign?


perhaps that's why even the British royal family has always been influenced by German relatives.


hello sisters and brothers :D

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it's not about the stone age or so. but by the cultural influence and development --> in british case with german royals who continued the development significantly and the windsors (sachsen coburg und gotha) are a german aristocratics and queen victoria are from "haus hannover" B)  without this the british history is nothing and would have been completely different (no empire, no worldwide naval power --> perhaps spain would be nr. 1 ;) and usa ... full of of spanish people


60-80 million inhabitants with German origin in usa...


i mean this is very interesting and fascinating...

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I'm sure in some multiverse it is all as you say. :)



that should tick off the creationists! (and there's no better way to start the day) :lol:

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yep, we've come a long way in those mere 7000 years.

fire, the wheel, man on the moon - if only Uncle Adam and Aunty Eve could see us now !!!

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i see now at the moment the history of the european royals on tv -a documentation 🙂


the "father" of all european royal families -> leopold the I., first king of belgium 1831 (from royal house of Sachsen-Coburg).

the famous queen victoria (half german - her mother was also a royal from house sachsen-coburg but her father was edward-augustus from german royals house Hannover) was married with prince albert (sachsen-coburg) -> the nephew of Leopold the I., King of Belgium

before that there was an union between great britain and german royal house of hannover since 1710 or so. with the end of the throne of Victoria the house Hannover was over and the house sachsen-coburg takes it over

also the not less famous queen Elizabeth II. married with prince consort Philip (also a german royal house)

- with the exception of Monaco and the royal family of the Netherlands -


i find that really fascinating 🙂

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