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'run at startup' feature no longer works

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Hello Forum,

I have used CCleaner Pro for several years. Maybe just a coincidence but after that first Win 10 Update a couple weeks ago; my CCleaner will no longer 'start at Windows startup'. I have tried several changes to the Startup Menus with no luck and also wiped every trace of it did a new fresh install of CC Pro...still no go. Every other function of the prog. works perfectly so I am completely bumfuzzled now. Thx in advance for any suggestions.

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Update from Beach (12 Jan 2016). Still trying to find a solution here I have tried numerous changes/settings here and am actively exchanging email with Megan is Tech Support (last count was 6 mails). She did tell me 2 days ago that she passed my situation up to the Development Team. the D. Team told her my type problem is only showing up on some random Win 10 systems...which mine is one of I guess. I will keep the updates coming in case any of you are interested or start having the same problem with CC Startup.

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Have a read of this page and say which you have tried (probably all of them!) Win 10 is similar in lots of ways.



CCleaner documentation can be found here


Support contact




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