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Run CCleaner in system tray ALL THE TIME

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Dear Community,


I encounter that the system tray icon of CCleaner sometimes remains visible but also sometimes closes so that no further cleaning is executed (e.g. when closing a browser).


Maybe this is a feature BUT I would prefer the CCleaner system tray icon to be ALWAYS visible and active.


Possible ( :) )?





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hello torsten,
i found this, perhaps it gives you a answer you need:
ccleaner free --> monitoring settings

By default, CCleaner will check your PC every 8 hours and take action if cleaning will save more than 0.5GB of hard drive space.


ccleaner professional --> monitoring settings


For example, every time you close an Internet browser, CCleaner Professional can perform an automatic clean of browser files and settings, or it can ask you if you want to run a clean.


ps: i dont use this feature therefore i cant give you a good advice

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