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Recuva stuck at 16% of deep scan, can still hear HDD grinding away

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I'm trying to run a deep scan on a 1TB hard drive that was accidentally formatted (or at least partially formatted).  It was progressing at a slow but steady clip, but now it's been stuck at 16% for about 12 hours with the estimated time remaining has jumped from 16 hours prior to it hitting 16% to now 4 days.  I can still hear the HDD making noises though. 


Should I let it keep running or is it stuck?  Recuva hasn't thrown any errors or anything.  Could it be hung up on a bad block or something and it's never going to progress? 


Are there any options I should try to help it along (if i have to start the process over).

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Still no progress after another 12 hours, so I cancelled and decided to try the same exercise with the drive but from a different computer.  I'm back at 16% with the same number of files found, and the estimated time is now up to 2 days.


Hopefully there's some command line switch or something I can use to have it timeout on a particular thing after so long, so it will continue checking the rest of the drive and find more files to recover.

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