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Some feature requests

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First of all, good job with the proggy MrG, it 0wnz all other cleaners.


I was just thinking of some useful features for the current components in ccleaner.

- Add the ability Enable/Disable startup item instead of deleting it

- Ability to customize Prefetch cleaner (so you can change the default value of 60 days old prefetch data. I myself would want to set it to 15-20)

- Ability to customize the default 'Windows Temp' value of 48 hours.

- Add this SAME option to Temporary Internet files with a default of 12 hours (able to be customized). I run ccleaner every time I go do desktop, this means all pages need to reload, so I could just set it to delete temp internet files older than 2-3 hours, so it still does clean old temp internet files.

- Same for cookies perhaps?

- Everything I said in THIS topic.

- Addition to that post^: Add a winapp2 downloader button (if winapp2 present, then 'updater' button). This, with a caution message of course.

- When you use Run CCleaner from the Recycle bin, make it show a small window with the 'clean data', with an OK button. (Make it able to enable/disable this from options).


Everyone is free to comment on my thoughts, I wanna see everyone's opinion on these stuff, these stuff should not make the filesize of ccleaner big, not slower either, but they are useful, and could make ccleaner even better B)

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Plus a few more:


- When you use Run CCleaner from the Recycle bin, have it show a small window with a progress bar.

- Ability to enable/disable/edit Startup entries

- Ability to change Startup entries from HKLM to HKCU and vice versa

- Ability to view/edit Uninstall strings


That's all I can think of at the moment.

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