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Allow sorting by multiple columns (in advanced mode)

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It is very helpful to be able to sort by columns (I most often fort by the State column so I don't waste my time with Poor or Unrecoverable files), but most of the Excellent files are also the smallest - not very handy when I'm looking for the most useful files to undelete.


I would like to be able to Ctrl-Click a column, and have it sort "in addition to" the current sorted column, so I can sort by State and then within that, Size.  If I Ctrl-Click a column that is already being sorted, then it would change that column's sort order.  Even if only one "in addition to" column could be added, that would be great, but it would be more beneficial if you could add many columns (i.e. Path, then State descending, then Last Modified descending)


Resetting the sorting would be as easy as Clicking a column's header, which makes the column that was clicked the only column to be sorted by.

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