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Whats up with This?


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Hi Hlpme


Its difficult to know what that is without getting more info on your system , If you have malware problems it could be connected to that as it doesnt look like a genuine file especially with you not knowing where it came from.


I think this is the same system Krit86lr mentioned to me and if it is there was a part about some Trojan and Rootkit infections on the pc. Its maybe related to that but I would have to see other logs to see whats going on, If it was the same system she also mentioned there was no Admin account which I didnt think was possible as there has to always be an Admin account available. Without the Admin account we cannot fix any issues so that will be something that needs fixing first, If you can restore the Admin account then post a Hijack Log on the Spyware Hell area and we can take it from there.


If the system has Rootkit infections the best solution maybe to Format and reinstall Windows because there could be alot of damage done to the system and it would be difficult for any person or program to guarantee the system is ever going to be 100% clean.



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The only references I could find to that file earlier today were via a Google search for c:\hook.log that lead to other forums that unfortunately weren't in English and the links to the forum pages also didn't work.

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