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question about Tools>Unistall and software shown

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My uninstall list shows several items that confuse me as to whether they could be safely uninstalled.


For example, MyUninstall Page lists:

Adobe Acrobat 4.0

Adobe Reader 6.0

Adobe Acrobat Reader Update 6.02

Adobe Acrobat Reader Update 6.03

My Programs list from Start menu shows:

Adobe Reader 4.0

Adobe Reader 6.0


My confusion is that if I delete all Adobe from Uninstall page, how would I read PDF Files


Also, if just version 4.0 deleted, would I lose needed shared files ???


Several other items on the Uninstall page give me similiar reluctance to Uninstall


I am running WinXPHome w/SP2


THX in advance for all good info from this forum

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If you want to keep Adobe Acrobat Reader as your PDF reader, just uninstall "Adobe Acrobat 4.0". That way, you will still have version 6 w/ all of the updates. You don't need the old version if you already have a newer one.


But, if you want a smaller, faster PDF reader, give Foxit Reader 1.3 a try. It is totally free, and is perfectly compatible with PDFs. After about two minutes with it, I uninstalled Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.0.5 and will never install Adobe's Reader ever again! Foxit really is that good!


Eldmannen, you should be proud of my "fix" :D.

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