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some drives are being shown as 0B

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probably unrelated, but if you are running the 64bit version of Speccy, try the 32bit one.

also, wouldn't hurt to try, check your motherboard BIOS for firmware updates.


at least after those attempts, report back, and those boxes can be ticked off by the Devs when they investigate as they do read these posts.

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completely ignored? ok then.

It's not completely ignored, this is a users' forum. The developers read every thread, but they don't comment unless they need more information about a bug. If they are able to fix it they will.



In both cases in the images in the original post, show the same hard drive? Or seperate drives of the same make? It could be (guessing only) that the drive doesn't report it's size to WMI (though I kinda doubt it), but as I said they can use that data toward fixing it, probably.

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