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Please help with creating bootable usb


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Hey all, so I'm following these instructions http://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Create-a-Bootable-USB-Drive-Without-Using-A/?ALLSTEPS and I'm stuck on step 2, when I type in f: it says the device is not ready (might be cause I need to insert a cd inside or might be cause my cd burner (f: is not working right) either way, reading further trough the instructions I guess I don't even need to use f: because I as I said the cd burner is broken so I couldn't use it to transfer files from it onto my USB (which is h: and not d:.

Does anyone know how I could do the same thing but with using my C: disk? and how to actually locate those files which I need transfered (as C disk is full of other files as well, which I wouldn't need transfered.) If my F: was working, It would simply transfer everything from F: but since it ain't working I have to do it via C: and I figure that I can't just type C: only since the desired files would be in a specific file, or even if they would be directly on "C:" there would still be the problem that those aren't the only files on there

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I'm not sure just what you are trying to achive here?

Are you trying to make a recovery drive in case your hard drive crashes and/or you need to reinstall windows?

The article you have linked to is telling you how to make a bootable USB by copying the boot files from an installation DVD onto a bootable USB.
Do you have an installation DVD?

If as I suspect you are attempting to make a Windows recovery drive on a memory stick then forget that article if you have Windows 8, 8.1, or 10.
These have a built in utility to create a bootable recovery USB drive for you.

Windows 7 is slightly different in that it creates a CD rather than a USB drive.

I have made a few assumptions there as to what you are hoping to achieve.
It might help if you could tell us just what version of Windows you are using, and why it is that you want to create this bootable USB.

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