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Does C-Cleaner also clean Flash Cookies?

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I've recently become aware of Flash cookies, or Local Shared Objects (LSO).  Thes LSOs apparently are placed secretly on your machine by websites looking to track your browsing habits and do not expire.  Therefore, the apparently stay on your maching forever. 


I'm wondering if C-Cleaner takes care of these "super cookies" too?



More information can be read here:



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Super cookies are not flash cookies, but flash cookies can makeup part of a "super cookie"

Super cookie is a term where a site places multiple types of cookies so as to remain tracking.


To answer both questions posed here: yes, ccleaner cleans both flash cookies (and has forever; you can find the check box on the second tab "applications" under adobe flash) and other locations of super cookies for nearly the entire time that this cookie method has been known of.


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