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"Time is of the essence" as they say, and we certainly believe so which is why this month we've been developing CCleaner Cloud in ways which will save you time.

This release introduces a great feature which queues your software installs, allowing you install multiple software titles to endpoints in one go. Plus, we've made computer summary information display much, much quicker. Another development which will aid efficiency is the 'add a computer by email' feature. To help speed up new additions you can now email a link over to the person want to add and voilà – their machine will be yours to manage in no time at all.

After hearing such positive feedback about last month's update when all new users signed up via a Pro Trial, we wanted to let our existing Free users have a go at using Pro. So if you're a Free user who joined before last month's update, you will be upgraded to Pro for the next two weeks. We hope you enjoy managing more machines and using the additional features enough to want to stay Pro but if at the end of the fortnight's trial you decide you're happy to stay as a CCleaner Cloud Free user, your account will be converted back to Free with your settings unchanged. We've made sure it's totally simple and fuss-free. Enjoy!

CCleaner Cloud developments include:

  • Queued software installs
  • Quicker display computer summary info (OS, CPU, RAM, Motherboard, Graphics, IP)
  • Updated 'Add Computer' page
  • Introduced functionality to add a computer by email
  • Additional events, including Computer Lock/Unlock and RDP login
  • Improved user feedback for defrag process
  • Improved online/offline event
  • Agent bug fixes/improvements

Give it a try!

If you are already a CCleaner Cloud user your installation will update automatically. If you are a Free user and joined on or before October 13th your trial will also start automatically.

If you're not currently a CCleaner Cloud user and wish to trial our Pro version you can do so free-of-charge here.

We don't ask for card details because we believe in giving users a no fuss, no obligation trial. If at the end of your trial you don't wish to continue as a Pro user your account will automatically be converted to CCleaner Cloud Free. You'll then be able to manage up to 3 computers.

Hear from us by email:

If you haven't done so already, you can sign up to receive selected email communications, including news, product updates, case studies and special announcements, here.

Connect with us:

CCleaner Cloud on Facebook

Piriform on Twitter

Piriform on Google+


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